How could I pitch to others the value of having one’s own Online Portfolio, for enhanced presentation efficiencies, if I didn’t have one for myself?!  I couldn’t do it, so this is my Legal Services Online Portfolio, or Web Folio (had to make it hip, in some way…).  The link for my Web Folio is, and it is accessible by clicking on the image below…

S. Keller Legal Frnt Page copy

I hope visitors will check out the various pages, and maybe some of the links to traditional application documents, and that doing so will inspire, or at least spur them to think about letting me work with them on their own catchy, quirky, professional or not, unique MWD Web Folio.

I would love to put up the next five Folios I work on, so get the creative juices flowing, and envision the great first impression you can make.  I will leave a comment section open, to see if people offer some good feedback.