Portland, Oregon

SKeller@MarketingByWebDesign.co / Styve61@gmail.com

SKeller – Comp. Resume – 2017 –  click for printable version


Marketing By (Web)Design – (MarketingByWebDesign.co)

Marketing Consultant and Web-Designer…2012 – present

Objective: I am interested in working with small businesses (inc. law firms) and individuals looking to market products, services, or Progressive causes online, to develop websites (and web-presence) effectively aligned with their marketing objectives.

Clients/Projects (current and former):
TorontoBachFestival.com, ActiveResponsibleCitizenry.com, SynergySoftech.com, BeezHolgateStation.com, TeamSportShop.com, PottyPail.com, SereneCaprine.com, AngryFilmmaker.com, ARTMassagePDX.com, Astroclosets.com, FightPortlandDemoDevelopment.website, IssoanTea.com/Sweetpersimmon.com, OceanFrontCabins.com, 4C-Adapt.com, JenniferBuys.com, InnerLightCounseling.net, AspenTreeService-PDX.com, NWOliveClinic.com, PortlandGarageBuilders.com, Equinox.com, PDX.edu/path-for-women, SavethePortlandRedwoods.wp.com, ForeverYoungDyes.wp.com

LEGAL EXPERIENCE: (SKellerLegalServices.wordpress.com)
Litigation Support/Paralegal (project work)
Portland, San Francisco                         2000 – present
* Discovery document management, Index preparation for multi-thousand page document collections
* Discovery analysis, organization, deposition and motion-preparation research
* Review electronic data and documents for relevance and privilege, creating privilege logs
* Scanning, Bates Labeling and loading documents, using Adobe or Summation, for production
* Loading, review and analysis of large volumes of evidence, using Summation and Access databases
* Spreadsheet organization / presentation of Discovery process
* Audited mutual fund contracts, to update method for tracking revenue-sharing terms for 4500 mutual funds offered through the Standard’s retirement plan
* Developed and deployed efficient spreadsheet methodology for 8-attorney document review team to search 7 million-page Summation database
* Designed charts and databases for evidence presentation in FLSA class-action claim

Law Firms and businesses I have worked with:
Tonkon Torp, Fisher & Phillips, Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt, Wise & Associates, The Standard, McCullough Research, PGE Legal, Lane Powell, Bridge City Legal, Epiq Systems, Schubert & Reed (SF, CA), Lieff Cabraser (SF, CA)

Discover-e Legal – E-Discovery Product Analyst
Portland, OR                                  11/2005 – 6/2006
* Formalized and deployed the company’s project management process
* Conducted post-analysis of major projects to develop standard “work process” flowchart
* Revised company’s website/white papers, performed thorough revamp of site-content in all areas
* Worked with programming team to develop software-testing protocol and testing documentation

Sullivan & Cromwell – Mergers and Acquisitions Paralegal
New York, NY                                                                  1985 – 1987

* Acted as a resource base for the nation’s leading Mergers and Acquisitions group
* Prepared and circulated written analyses of M & A issues and documents
* Conducted research using Disclosure, Dow Jones, and LexisNexis

* M.B.A., 1989 – University of Michigan Business School – Ann Arbor, MI (Marketing)
* B.A., 1984 – Hampshire College – Amherst, MA (Law, Public Policy)
* Internships: Senator Ted Kennedy, Boston, MA – 1982; F.A.I.R., Washington, D.C. – 1983

Technical Aptitude: Web-design: WordPress, Weebly, Drupal, Wix / Legal: MS Office applications, Relativity, Summation, Concordance, Lexis-Nexis