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Steve Keller is an ace web designer and imaginative digital entrepreneur who redesigned and greatly enhanced my site. He’s also a great guy to work with.

(Jonathan Alter –

“I recently hired Steve Keller to do some work on my website, Angry Filmmaker. My site had been severely hacked and not only needed to be repaired but also moved to another server. It ended up being much more complicated than I had anticipated.  Steve attacked the different tasks with determination. Every time a new obstacle was thrown in our way, Steve figured out how to fix it.

“There were times when I was very stressed out, but with Steve’s guidance, I was able to help when needed and be calm, so that Steve could complete his work. I’m thrilled with what he got accomplished and I’ve continued to call on Steve for his expertise.

“When it comes to websites and navigating the various problems that always come up, I would highly recommend Steve Keller.  He solved problems quickly and put together exactly what I wanted.  He continues to check up on my site and keep me updated.  My website is clean and easy to navigate, thanks to him.

“If Steve ever needs a reference, call me… I’ll give him a great one.  I am very happy with his work and I’ll continue to work with him.”

(Kelley Baker –

“My colleagues and I worked with Steve to build a website for a project focused on sustainable manufacturing and chemical engineering. Suffice to say, the contents of the site are extremely technical and needed to be organized in a straightforward, easy-to-navigate manner.

“Steve did an excellent job creating a site that presents a great deal of complex information clearly, in both a logical and visual capacity. The website he built adheres closely to the aesthetic standards our group initially wanted, and the suggestions he made regarding altering our original vision were very much appreciated and certainly useful.

“The website navigates intuitively, runs smoothly, and is designed to facilitate hassle-free administration. In addition to being pleased with the end result, our group found Steve to be highly communicative,  focused, and engaged during the build-out process. Working within a short timeframe, he completed the initial website build-out quickly and there were very few complications. 

“I, and my colleagues, would certainly recommend Steve to other potential clients.  Collaborating with him was a pleasure, and an educational experience to boot.”

(Oryan Walsky: CEO –

“Steve is a great web guy to have on your side!  He does terrific work at an affordable price.  I highly recommend him!”

(Jennifer Buys: Chinese Medicine, Massage Therapy –

“After having years of bad relationships with web-designers and generally disliking the product of their efforts, I responded to a CL posting, looking to help people who felt “abandoned by a website designer.”  Steve responded within a day and he had designed new site for me in a few days, using material from the old, dysfunctional site.  All we needed to do then, was gain control of my domain, so it could point to the new site. “After weeks of trying to persuade the old designer to work with us, when I was ready to take the guy to court, Steve urged patience, and he devised a new tack, which involved contacting the Hosting Company the designer was using. He contacted someone from the compliance department, and sure enough, that got all the roadblocks quickly removed, allowing me to regain control of my domain. “Steve Keller has been instrumental in developing an updated site for my business, that I am very happy with. I originally just wanted a new site set up, but I am so impressed with his knowledge and ability to get things done, that I plan to have him work for me maintaining the website, going forward .”

(John Kottre –

“I have been working with a good man who has helped me redo the website.  In the process of working together, I have learned to trust again.

“The last couple of times I hired a web designer, I felt abandoned with a broken website after they changed some things I didn’t understand, or like last year, wiped out the whole site with a “clean install.”  These characters didn’t return my panicked phone calls and I didn’t know how to restore, or fix what had happened.   The site had never worked right since last year.

“But I am moving forward again and have established a trusting relationship with my new web designer.   He has helped me learn how my website is put together, and how I can change the things I need to.  We have worked through problems together and he says he’ll stick around to help me maintain it.  It only gets better from here.  Thanks Steve.”

(Margie Yap: Owner –

“Steve Keller is a diligent and detailed webmaster. He gets to the bottom of all issues and consequently provides you with more than you could ever want.”

(Jamie Ross, PhD:  Asst. Professor, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGSS), Portland State University and Director of Outreach, for PATH for women)

Need a new website or upgrade??? April 4, 2015

“I just thought I would put this out there for anyone who is thinking about a new “webmaster”.  I found this guy, STEVE KELLER, right here on NEXTDOOR a couple of months ago and I just want to say…he is the best!!!

“Needed new webmaster and webpage for my friend’s Fishing Guide business and Steve stepped up to the plate, worked with us very hard for the first month and took all the information, photos, etc. we had given him and created a brand new beautiful website for us.

“He is fast, creative and seems to love what he is doing! Thanks for reading this neighbors!”

(Donene McDonough – for Larry Page’s NW Fishing Guide Service)