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Marketing by (Web)Design is focused on web development for small businesses.  Marketing by (Web)Design development and web support options can make your web presence a productive and rewarding one.

What is a Static Web site?

A Static Web-site is one that doesn’t change. It offers no real customer interactivity besides navigation buttons and maybe an e-mail button. It is handy when you want to present information that doesn’t change, or need to be updated regularly.

What is an Interactive Web site?

An Interactive Web-site asks for input from the customer or allows the customer to do something more than just navigate the site, or send you an e-mail.  Interactive sites usually require more maintenance than static web sites because the information is constantly changing.

What are Internet-ready Graphics?

Internet Ready Graphics are pictures, images, and animations that are saved in an Internet-friendly file format such as JPEG or GIF.  Basically, any graphic you can send as an attachment in e-mail is ready for the Internet, and can be placed on your web page.

Can I Get Images from the Internet?

You can always download images from the Internet, unless they are protected.  There are many free clip art sites on the Internet that have great graphics you can use for your web site.  You can download any graphic to your hard drive by right-clicking on it and selecting the “Save As” option from the menu.  One thing to remember though is the copyright law.  If you download original graphics from some other site to use on your own site be sure to get permission from the original owner.

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