I am thinking a fair charge for development of a 5 page site should be $475. That rate will cover about 12 hours of work at $40 an hour, to…

  • Have an initial phone/email exchange, to discuss
    • the client’s interest/experience with web-marketing,
    • their marketing objectives,
    • the function a strong web-presence will play,
    • the content and graphics materials to be used on the website,
    • and a rough plan and schedule for site development.
  • Select an appropriate WordPress Theme(either free or premium), Header, Background, Color, Menu
  • Once I have received Content and Graphics materials to be used on the site, build the site as directed by the client (# of pages, menus, reasonable limits on # of images per page, widgets/plug-ins for sidebars and footers)
  • Present the site to Client, either online or in person / Rearrange, edit as needed / Show again / Re-edit
  • Set up site’s WordPress Stats to optimally report site activity, or
    • SEO work, such as setting up Google Search Console (formerly “Webmaster Tools”), to optimize Search Engine recognition billed at $35/hour.
    • …if not hosted by, connect with Google Analytics (extra $75 charge)
  • Determine utility of social media to bring traffic to your site, and offer the additional service (connect existing Social Media accounts to website, or open new accounts and connect), .
  • Free hosting and domain when using “”, or $18 – $299 per year with WordPress upgrades*,
  • 1 month of free site maintenance and editing (approx. 2 hours… after that, $35/hour).


Other Web-design Services

  • Web-site redesign, relocation, or revamping on WordPress – $400 to $1000 (depending on complexity of the transfer, amount of content/graphics,  and client’s flexibility regarding site-design)
  • Management of existing WordPress site, including updates, content/graphics changes, trouble-shooting, etc. – $35/hour
  • A la Carte Site maintenance – $40/hour
  • Maintenance packages (2 hr./month, $35/hr.) available for 3 months ($210), or 6 months (2 hr./month, $30/hr.) for $360.**
  • E-commerce Shopping Cart Set-up (up to 15 items) – $15 per cart, including payment set-up )using (a Business site upgrade is required, which runs $299 / year).

* – Premium  – Domain Name & Mapping, 10GB Space Upgrade, Custom Design, VideoPress, No Ads
** – Web-site maintenance and packages include revisions, updates to content, rotation of graphics and site or link-repair.  This is a prepaid web-design service for current customers only.


Scanned / resized photos/images ~ $5 each

Custom Graphics (jpg, pdf, tiff or gif for web) ~ $15 – 30 each*

Semi-Professional Photography ~ $3.00 ea. pic. + $30.00/hour

Let Marketing by (Web)Design know what your specific requirements are for your graphics so we may be able to give you a more accurate price proposal.

*  negotiable, depending on complexity of reproduction


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