Thanks for checking out my Online Portfolio service, snappily named “MWD Web Folios”!

As an adjunct to my Marketing by (Web)Design effort, I am offering a service for people either considering a career-shift, or actually seeking new employment opportunities, which should significantly increase the efficiency of the way they present credentials when introducing themselves.

Rather than rely on the traditional “cover letter and resume” method of contacting prospective employers, with fingers crossed that your skeletal introduction stands out enough to warrant a response, why not streamline and strengthen your introduction, with an Online Portfolio?! Developing an Online Portfolio involves compiling a person’s resume, references/recommendations, artwork/photography, writing samples, presentations, and other representative work (no video/audio for now), and creating an application portfolio website, which can be sent as a link in an email.  This is a sure way to impress future employers with your professionalism, technical skills and even your frugality (think of the savings on postal expenses, if you still use snail mail)!

To provide context for the service I am offering, I have included on the MWD Blog page a brief, clear NYT column on the changing nature of the “job-search” and the value of efficient, convenient credentials presentation. 

 An Online Portfolio Can Showcase Your Work

I use and there are many different theme and customization options to allow people to creatively insert their personality into a normally tedious job search and application process.  With your Online Portfolio, you can truly create a great “first impression,” which can provide the extra advantage you may need in a competitive employment market!!

~~Introductory Offer~~

~~$300, payable in 2 installments / Quick Turnaround~~

* Five pages — Initial site building, link and email set-up, graphics insertion (additional pages, $40 each)
* Free web-hosting on – 2months,
* Free domain on — 2 months,
* 1+ hour monthly maintenance  for 2 months ($25/hour for additional modifications)
* SEO and/or Google Analytics / Webmaster Tools – $75 flat rate (useful if you want your site more visible to people searching the web for your particular service, or skill set)

Before letting you solo in the wild world of the web, I will provide some basic WordPress training, prior to turning over the site to you, as well!

It’s an idea. . .think about it, and I hope to hear from you soon.



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